nodl One


All nodls now come with a kill switch. Check for details.

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There is no more kill switch option, all nodl One are coming with a kill switch installed. If you need Samourai Wallet premium support for Dojo and Whirlpool, please add the item separately when ordering. You can also buy it separately later.


CPU: Rockchip RK3399 Hexa-Core ARM Processor (big.LITTLE with 2 Cortex A72 and 4 Cortex A53 cores)

RAM: 4GB dual channel LPDDR4

Video out: HDMI (can be used for monitoring or troubleshooting)

Network: Gigabit Ethernet

Storage: 16 GB eMMC (boot) + 1 TB SSD

5V world PSU (with EU and US plugs - addition UK plug provided for countries requiring it)

Power consumption: 10W during normal operation, up to 20W during startup and initial sync

Custom Black metal case

Full disk encryption (on the SSD)

Software (optional components can be one-click installed through nodl-admin):

  • armbian
  • bitcoin core
  • nodl-admin interface
  • lnd (optional one click install)
  • RTL (optional one click install)
  • NBXplorer (optional one click install)
  • BTCPay Server (optional one click install)
  • Electrum Rust Server
  • Dojo Server
  • Whirlpool CLI


  • A free Ethernet port on your router/switch (wifi dongle NOT included)
  • A free electrical socket (adapter required if not EU or US)
  • Configure a port forward on your router - we can assist you in doing this and with your help we will build a knownledge base to help other users

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Optional Samourai support:

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