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Shipping (without kill switch) first week of September 2020. Shipping (with kill switch) 3rd week of September 2020.

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Bitcoin (on-chain) payment for big orders, Lightning Network for small orders

The "nodl one" is our way of celebrating our one year anniversary.

The past 12 or so months have been an incredible adventure for us. We have met so many outstanding bitcoiners all over the world and learned so much from them and from our users that we wanted to bring it all together in what we believe is the high water mark for bitcoin and lightning nodes: nodl.

Shipping (without kill switch): first half of September 2020

Shipping (with kill switch): second half of September 2020

Please select the desired options: without/with kill switch (+$50), without/with premium Samourai support for dojo functionality (+$50)


CPU: Rockchip RK3399 Hexa-Core ARM Processor (big.LITTLE with 2 Cortex A72 and 4 Cortex A53 cores)

RAM: 4GB dual channel LPDDR4

Video out: HDMI (can be used for monitoring or troubleshooting)

Network: Gigabit Ethernet

Storage: 16 GB eMMC (boot) + 1 TB SSD

5V world PSU (with EU and US plugs - optional UK plug on request)

Power consumption: 10W during normal operation, up to 20W during startup and initial sync

Custom Black metal case

Full disk encryption (on the SSD)

Software (optional components can be one-click installed through nodl-admin):

  • armbian
  • bitcoin core
  • nodl-admin interface
  • lnd (optional one click install)
  • RTL (optional one click install)
  • NBXplorer (optional one click install)
  • BTCPay Server (optional one click install)
  • Electrum Rust Server
  • Dojo Server
  • Whirlpool CLI


  • A free Ethernet port on your router/switch (wifi dongle NOT included)
  • A free electrical socket (adapter required if not EU or US)
  • Configure a port forward on your router - we can assist you in doing this and with your help we will build a knownledge base to help other users

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